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Steps to a Successful Recovery After Hospitalization

Steps to a Successful Recovery After Hospitalization

The first 72 hours after hospitalization is vital. Thus, providers of home care services in Georgia help seniors and their families make sure that post-hospitalization care is delivered well. Older adults especially need adequate support and assistance following their hospital discharge.

Ensuring quality post-hospitalization care by a home health aide in Stockbridge, Georgia and other areas is one way to prevent hospital readmissions. As such, care providers provide hospital-to-home care assistance through the following steps:

  1. Dependence
    Patients who have just been released from the hospital need nursing services and assistance with household tasks. Their primary goal is recovery and rest, which is why they should focus on therapy, diet, and relaxation while care professionals take care of their meals, errands, etc.
  2. Mild and supervised independence
    As they slowly regain their strength, some tasks can now be managed independently. The caregiver will then provide supervision rather than direct physical assistance.
  3. Supported independence
    Small errands and chores can be performed once one is comfortable with ADLs. The caregiver, then, provides companionship in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and other areas.
  4. Semi-supported independence
    They can now resume their pre-hospitalization routine and only call for help when they need it.
  5. Full independence
    The need for private duty nursing in Metro Atlanta, Georgia is now reduced, although safety is still prioritized as full independence is a long-term goal.

If you’re looking for a provider of quality post-hospitalization care, let Dignity Senior Care Services help.

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