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Addressing “Drowsy America”

Addressing “Drowsy America”

We live in “drowsy America,” where factories, grocery stores, and restaurants are open through the night. Cultural and economic forces have turned the U.S. into a 24-hour society. As a result, the average American today gets 2 ½ hours less sleep per night than 100 years ago. In the long run, this sleep deficit is additionally linked to other health problems causing a higher demand in Nursing Services in the U.S.

Thus, Dignity Senior Care Services, your primary Home Health Aide in Stockbridge, Georgia, brings you 4 ways to address this reality.

  1. Develop Healthy Sleep Patterns.Many people don’t sleep well simply because they practice poor sleeping habits. Develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Retire at a similar time each evening; arise at a similar time each morning.
  2. Don’t Catastrophize Insomnia.Dr. Peter Hauri said, “sleep is one of the few things in life that cannot be improved upon by trying harder.” Thus, if insomnia is a problem, don’t stay in bed awake. Get up, sit in a comfortable chair, read, write, play relaxing music, etc. And when tiredness begins to overtake you, retire once again.
  3. Take a Nap.Many of the world’s greatest leaders were nappers. Thomas Edison is said to have catnapped up to eight times a day. John F. Kennedy napped in the White House, and Churchill took daily naps during World War II. Even Jesus napped.
  4. Exercise for Sounder Sleep.Healthy physical tiredness probably has no equal as a sleep-inducing sedative. Don’t, however, exercise vigorously just before going to bed, as muscle discomfort can retard the initiation of sleep.

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